I love projects. My wife loves blogs. Hence, she made a blog for me to document my successes (and failures). It's more for us than anyone else, but if we can help spark a few "Hey, we could do that..." thoughts for anyone else out there, then that's great.

I like to make things out of what other people would consider "junk". I inherited the trait from my dad and grandpa, from the years I spent helping them out on the family wheat farm. When the equipment breaks down mid-harvest and the parts store is closed, you make it work with what's in the scrap pile.

Part of the fun is seeng what can be made for free or at a lower cost (which doesn't hurt when money is tight). The rest is in working through the project and, of course, sitting back and admiring the finished product. I try not to come off as a hoarder, but I like to keep things that I would consider eventually useful. I rarely turn down anything free (so if you're even thinking about getting rid of that metal bedframe, you be sure to let me know).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Singer Sewing Table

Hey, it's Brady's wife (Patrice).  He's going to be mad that I'm posting this, because 1- it's out of order and 2- he likes EVERYTHING to be perfect (and sometimes my wording and punctuation isn't quite up to his standards... haha! and he probably won't like the pictures I post...)  BUT, he has been severely neglecting his blog... probably because he has been working on too many projects, collecting old, ugly pallets, and trying to do yard work with a hideously ghetto garden tractor that he was given from my dad. So I decided to take this one into my own hands- fully knowing he'll probably go back and change everything I posted.

ANYWAYS, this is the most recent completed project... My brother found my mom's old Singer Sewing Table in his basement (minus the sewing machine) and he thought I might like to have it.  We, of course, forgot to take a before picture. That happens a lot. But it looked just like this one I found online, but a lot more beat up.

Technically this was supposed to be MY project to work on, but since I just had a baby I passed it off to Brady. I absolutely LOVE the retro handles on the drawers and the placement of the legs under the drawers!  Brady spent hours sanding it (mostly by hand but he also used a belt sander (?) he got at DI for $10).  Then he commenced in his very first staining project- we chose a dark mahogany. The stain isn't perfect but I think it adds to the antique feel. So good job, Brady!

  • Sandpaper
  • Belt Sander (?)
  • Foam brushes (2)
  • Pint of Minwax Polyshades (stain and polyurethane in one... used about half the can)
Time: I really don't know... A lot of the time Brady stayed up late working on it and I just went to bed... Maybe 5-8 hours?

Cost: About $15

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